Category: "Security"

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;)

This user agent was in the middle of many page requests in my Apache logs, requesting content referenced by link tags in the head section. After a bit of research on one of the link tag URLs, I ran this script: CodeIPS=`grep Author access_log | cut… more »

HTTP Blacklist - Http:BL PHP Code - Generic

This is a generic PHP script that can be used with Http:BL.The easiest way to use it is to include it into the top level of the application, for example:require_once 'bl.php';This code just logs the requests and the scores. Once you're comfo… more »

Blocking Site Visitors by User Agent

One of my sites was receiving a lot of hits with a user agent of Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; ICS).A quick look around showed 'compatible; ICS' is probably not a person or search engine.I checked several IP addresses that used that user agent at: Pro… more »

Login Access Limits

After reviewing the log files for this blog, I noticed many attempts to log into it.This is my blog, registration and comments are disabled. To all those who would post helpful comments and legitimate information, I'm sorry.I access the blog adm… more »

Hack Attack

For the last year or so, I have a site that sends me an email listing all the new and modified files on the server.This morning, these entries caught my eye:/var/www/html//var/www/html/c99.phpThe c99 file was not supposed to be on the serve… more »