dojo 1.7.1 AMD with Zend Framework 1.11

I have been working on a new web application using Zend Framework 1.11 and Dojo. In order to use the AMD loader of dojo 1.7.1, I modified the Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dojo to include a flag indicating whether to use the AMD loader or not, and updated Zend… more »

dojo 1.7.1 AMD Page Example

This is a very simple example of how you can implement a dojo page with AMD. The intended architecture is that the HTML would be used for all pages and the page content and behavior would be modified by the javascript. With that in mind, the 'page' ja… more »

Zend_Rest - Example

I built a REST API and calling code using Zend Framework. This code also uses Doctrine ( Prior to coding, I reviewed several resources on the 'net in an attempt to follow best practices. I visited the f… more »

Filtering Spam - Tips & Ideas

SSH in to the server and find the affected inbox. Quick Look at the inbox This command shows the From, X-Spam-Bar, and Subject, without the file name. If you want to see the file names, remove the -h. You may have to use a different header for the s… more »

Denying access based on HTTP referer

To deny access to a site based on the referer URL, you can use Apache rewrite rules. In the sample below, any referral that ends with .ru, .ua, or .tv will be rejected and redirected to the forbidden page (a 403). CodeRewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$Re… more »