XML Fed Form Interface

This is a demonstration of how you can use XML to feed PHP to generate a form. It is helpful when a flexible form interface is needed. This example includes the name of the field, the length, a regex validation string, default value, label for the inpu… more »

Blocking Site Visitors by User Agent

One of my sites was receiving a lot of hits with a user agent of Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; ICS).A quick look around showed 'compatible; ICS' is probably not a person or search engine.I checked several IP addresses that used that user agent at: Pro… more »

eZ publish - Creative Commons Licensed Image - Class

Using Creative Commons licensed images allows you to include some beautiful photos and illustrations on your site. It's really important to add the appropriate credits when you're using the images, to comply with the license, but more importantly, t… more »

Login Access Limits

After reviewing the log files for this blog, I noticed many attempts to log into it.This is my blog, registration and comments are disabled. To all those who would post helpful comments and legitimate information, I'm sorry.I access the blog adm… more »

Great New Web Resource

CoderZone.org launched recently. It's great new resource for web people, from 'n00bs' to 'w00ts'. What makes it special: A great team of moderators. These guys are experienced and know the web. A library of code snippets, little bits of code t… more »