PHP - Catching session timeout issues

I've been working on a bug where an application is logging out unexpectedly. To identify the piece of code that is destroying the session namespace I've been using the code snippet: PHPob_start(); debug_print_backtrace(); $trace =&nbs… more »

Sifting Through Spam

If you are setting up email filters for an account, some useful tactics are: Display the headers of the emails in the account: Shellgrep -iE "^(subject|from|reply-to|X-Spam-Level):" * Once you identify messages of interest, you can use… more »

Linux Command Line - Convert XML to JSON

This was the answer to a question that came in an email - "Do you know of a good XML to JSON converter?" Obviously you need php-cli, JSON, and SimpleXML. :) The "xml" is the name of the file that contains the XML, the output can be piped to a differe… more »

Upgrading PHP 5.3 to 5.4 - Checking your code (Linux)

If you are upgrading PHP from 5.3 to 5.4 for an existing application, you can use the following commands to check for parse errors. Shelltree -fi application | grep -E '.php|.phtml' | sed "s/^/php -l&nb… more »

HTML5 Tag Challenge

For years I've enjoyed I have never named all the tags, but I return periodically to see if I can. For fun, I created and HTML5 version. I still can't name all the tags. more »