Linux Command Line - Convert XML to JSON

This was the answer to a question that came in an email - "Do you know of a good XML to JSON converter?" Obviously you need php-cli, JSON, and SimpleXML. :) The "xml" is the name of the file that contains the XML, the output can be piped to a differe… more »

Upgrading PHP 5.3 to 5.4 - Checking your code (Linux)

If you are upgrading PHP from 5.3 to 5.4 for an existing application, you can use the following commands to check for parse errors. Shelltree -fi application | grep -E '.php|.phtml' | sed "s/^/php -l&nb… more »

HTML5 Tag Challenge

For years I've enjoyed I have never named all the tags, but I return periodically to see if I can. For fun, I created and HTML5 version. I still can't name all the tags. more »

How to set environment variables that can be referenced by Apache, shells and cron jobs

In some cases, environment variables are used to store configuration information. If the values are referenced from different sources, such as through a web server and on the command line, it is a good idea to define them in a single place and graceful… more »

CSS list filter and view

The goal of this fiddle was to provide a CSS and JavaScript method to switch between a list and card or grid view. It uses jQuery and a very simple filter that fires on keyup. The code is commented here, you can see it run at… more »